This week’s post is a special one for us, because this week marked the halfway point of our pregnancy, and because we were also able to confirm what we’re expecting – a baby girl!

We are so excited to have the opportunity to be parents to the sweet girl that will soon be joining our family.

We can’t wait to meet you and love you so much already, baby girl Burm!

20 Week Bumpdate

Baby Size: Approximately the size of a banana!

Clothes: It’s getting chilly outside now that it’s November, so I’ve been getting away with wearing cozy shirts and sweaters, but have also added maternity jeans and pants to the collection now.

Gender: It’s a girl! We can’t believe how fortunate we are to get to be parents to this sweet girl. We waited until our 20 week ultrasound this week to see our baby again and confirm her gender, and still can’t believe our luck!

Mood: Anxious to get through these next 20 weeks so we can meet our baby girl. Although we’re very much looking forward to the spring, I’m also trying to revel in these sweet moments that are happening now.

Movement: I’ve been feeling movements and pressure over the past few weeks, but no kicks or punches just yet!

Sick or Queasy: Yes, the nausea is still unfortunately hanging around, but there has been some marked improvement over the last week.

Sleep: I’m sleeping less through the night, because that’s when baby girl is most active (must be a night owl like her Dad!) but am enjoying every wink of sleep I can get.

Symptoms: My appetite and energy are both back this week, and it’s incredible feeling like me again!

Wedding Rings: On.

What I Miss: Drinking apple cider, coffee and tea this time of year – I usually love having these toasty and warm drinks all day in the fall and winter, but am limiting the caffeine as much as possible now.

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