It has been about three months since we’ve blogged and if you follow my social channels, you already know that the reason for the lapse is because we’re expecting a new addition to our family this year: a baby boy!

Although we were in disbelief at first, we are all very excited that Roselyn is going to have a baby brother and that we get to have a little boy complete our family in June.

2019 was a year of new beginnings for us, including a new job for me and a new preschool for Rosie, but we were not prepared for the excitement and joy that the end of the year would bring.

We had unsuccessfully gone through infertility treatment for the second time last summer and had already accepted the fact that having another child wasn’t going to be possible for us. We had even begun to give away Rosie’s baby clothes, supplies and toys, when, many months after treatment, we found out that we were unexpectedly expecting.

We are now almost to the third trimester of this pregnancy, and have been so consumed with caring for Rosie, creating a nursery and space for her brother, and with our own work, that I haven’t found the time to share any of the bumpdates that I did when pregnant before.

We hope you enjoy these incredible maternity photos that our dear friend and photographer, Valerie Bolitho, took, and I promise that I will work on another blog soon!

Caitlin: June and April

Rosie: Carter’s

Photography: Valerie Bolitho Photography

Venue: McDowell Sonoran Preserve

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