Coming home from vacation is bittersweet. It can be difficult to accept that the adventure is over, but there’s always something comforting about being back home in your own bed at night (and to have your pup back at your side).

It’s been a week since we’ve come back home from vacation, but we’re still feeling the blues, after a summer filled with adventures every weekend and visits with family.
Although we love our city and our home in the Northwest more than anything, it can be hard to let our family go from these visits, since we don’t know when we’ll have the opportunity to see each other again. Fortunately, we know that we are only a plane ride away, and that we have our memories and photos to get us through this time!
Last week, we left the Northwest for a trip back to my home in the Midwest, where we visited with my parents for the first time in more than a year. This visit was also my husband’s first trip to the Midwest, so we had a great time traveling from Illinois to Indiana to Ohio and back again, showing him around!
After we took our Midwest road trip across three states, we returned to Chicago for a day at Wrigley Field, to watch my beloved Chicago Cubs beat the Milwaukee Brewers.
Then, we caught a flight back home.
What an adventure!
We’re planning on settling back into things in Seattle and enjoying our time home with Olive, before we set off on our next trip.
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