This week, after a year of having been away, we went back to our Northwest home for a business trip and visit!

We were so excited to have the opportunity to visit Seattle and the Northwest again, as it was difficult for us to leave last year, and it is still where we feel most at home.

I was able to enjoy my week there reporting to my corporate office at work instead of working remotely, and my husband was able to travel alongside me (and help keep me on the right schedule in between bouts of nausea).



We ate our favorite foods, saw our family and friends, and visited our favorite spots in the city when I was off the clock.

We were also fortunate enough to have the time for dinner at Lowell’s – in Pike Place Market – on our last day back home. While we were eating there and looking out at the Sound, we had the great idea to take another ferry ride to Bainbridge Island for old times’ sake.








We enjoyed the most beautiful views of the city from the ferry that evening, but it only made it that much more difficult to leave the Northwest over the weekend.

While we were happy to be reunited again with Olive this week, we were also reminded of how much we still love our Northwest home and how we can’t wait to be back there someday soon… Until then, Seattle!

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