After an adventurous spring and summer where we explored the Northwest, then jet-set to the Southwest and Midwest and back again, it’s nice to be home and in our routine again in our own city this autumn.

That being said, we do get restless from time to time… So while we have been saving up for our next adventure, we thought: “Why not take this time to explore and enjoy our own city?”
We found ourselves being tourists downtown this weekend, and were surprised by just how much fun we had doing it.
We stayed around Pike Place Market and the Waterfront: two of the most well-known places in Seattle that locals generally avoid unless you need something you can only get at the market, or you’re showing new family and friends around the city.
Exploring the area like tourists was just what we needed, as we were instantly reminded of the feelings we had about the place when we first visited a few years ago – we were both proud and in awe. 
In what other city can you watch seals swim by ferries off the Sound, then walk over to a daily farmer’s market that’s been running for 100+ years?
We enjoyed the view off the water, then took to sampling many fresh fruits and vegetables. We purchased a few for home, then spent the rest of our time there walking around, enjoying the beautiful autumn weather.
It really is amazing how looking at something through a new lens can change your perspective, and we came away from this weekend appreciating more about Seattle than we thought we could!
Here are a few photos from our day being tourists.
Look out for a new adventure soon!
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