It’s official.

Welcome to Burm Voyage!

How do you like the new name?

I first started blogging as a newlywed after we moved to the Northwest, but our lives have changed over the past three years and now we’re no longer newlyweds, or living in the Northwest.

Although it was hard for me to let go of my first blog, I wanted to continue to blog somewhere that didn’t tie us to a specific time or place in our lives… But, why Burm Voyage?

Well, when my husband and I were dating, I visited France, loved the culture and studied French in high-school and college. I would practice writing the language in the letters I’d write to him and he would do the same. It became a part of our history together, and that – combined with our love for travel  led us to Bon Voyage, and finally, Burm Voyage.

Since I’ve enjoyed blogging so much over the past two years, I also decided to move our blog from a Blogger account to:

I’ll continue writing here and will use this blog to share our lives and this new voyage we’re on in the Mid-Atlantic with you.

Contact me at my new email address:, if you’d like to connect!

Posted by:Caitlin Burm

Hi! I’m Caitlin, the creator of Burm Voyage, a blog sharing my family’s lives, moments, and travels across the U.S.

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