We’ve been traveling from Seattle and through Bainbridge Island for the last two years that we’ve lived in the Northwest, but we’ve never spent an entire day exploring the island (that’s only a 35-minute ferry ride away).

This time, with my in-laws in town, we made a point to!

It was a beautiful day for an adventure.

As you can see, the ferry ride across the Sound over to Bainbridge Island offers great views of the Seattle skyline and is an incredible experience in and of itself.

Then, once you’ve arrived at Bainbridge, there a plenty of galleries, shops and restaurants to explore, as well as some beautiful hikes. We chose to spend the day at the Waterfront Park, soaking up the sun and taking in the scenery. We had such a great time visiting with my in-laws, that I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked (always a good thing).

I can’t wait to explore Bainbridge again this summer, when we’re having warmer weather in the Northwest! Does anyone have any recommendations for some must-see things on the island, that we missed? Share your recommendation with me, in the comments below!

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