Over the years, we’ve become familiar with Texas – driving through the state on our cross-country moves; having family stationed there; friends living there; and my own corporate visits to Austin and Dallas. This year, however, we really had the opportunity to get to know the Lone Star State, after Ryan’s organization temporarily relocated him to San Antonio and Uvalde, Texas over the past six months.

Read more about his work there, and our family’s visit to Texas Hill Country this Fall!

This past summer, Ryan’s organization approached him with an opportunity that he couldn’t refuse, but it would require him to live and work in Texas for months at a time. After weighing all our options, and considering a temporary move there ourselves, we made the decision to stay home amidst the community of family and friends we’ve built here in Tucson over the last year, while Ryan worked out-of-state – and planned to visit him when we could.

Though we have spent a lot of time in Texas, we’d never really explored San Antonio and had not been to Uvalde before. So, over Roselyn’s Fall Break at school and in the midst of a rise in COVID cases, we chose to make the drive from Tucson to San Antonio (a 12-hour road trip, which we split into two days with the little ones). Ryan had already been living and working in Texas for three months when we visited him, so he was familiar with the area, which made navigating the road and stopping with the kids, so much easier!

Everything is bigger in Texas… even the pan dulce!

We tried to make the most of the week and a half that Rosie had off of school, so the little ones and I explored together each day while Ryan worked…

And then we all spent our evenings together!

Our highlights included:

The least favorite part of our trip was getting rear-ended on our last day in Texas and having to spend the day at the hospital and with paramedics. ☚ī¸

Things could have gone a lot worse, however, and I’m thankful that (with the exception of whiplash) we were no worse for wear, and were able to secure a new rental to make it back home to Tucson safely.

We’re not sure what the future holds, but we absolutely loved our time in Texas!

We found that San Antonio has a unique culture that is reminiscent of both the Midwest where I grew up, and the Southwest, where Ryan was raised, and we’re looking forward to visiting again soon. 🤞

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