If there is one expression about parenthood that has remained true for us over the past two and a half years, it is that the days are long, but the years, truly, are not.

Our moments with Roselyn are fleeting and precious, and I want to make each of them count. This is precisely why I look forward to capturing our family in photos with our dear friend and photographer, Valerie Bolitho, each year!

Valerie has been here with us through all our biggest moments – from our engagement and wedding photos to Rosie’s baby photos to now – and we feel so fortunate to have her as our photographer and love seeing her.

This year, we met Valerie at local Papago Park in Phoenix, which has over 1,500 acres of beautiful desert red buttes and trails. We met just before sunset and had the opportunity to hike around a lagoon and then into the desert near some saguaros, and back again.

We had a great time hiking and shooting photos, and Rosie really enjoyed getting into all the desert sand, which allowed us to get some photos of just Dad and Mom while Rosie played at our feet.

We will never forget these moments and this toddler season that we’re in, and I can honestly say that my Christmas and year have already been made because I have these memories and photos of Rosie and our family during this short, sweet time. We are so grateful!

Caitlin: PinkBlush

Ryan: Chaps

Rosie: Old Navy

Photography: Valerie Bolitho Photography

Venue: Papago Park

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