It’s been chilly and overcast in the Northwest this week. The forecast called for fog the last five days and the temperature is currently 45 degrees Fahrenheit as I write this around 1 p.m. A bit intimidating for transplants from Phoenix like us, right?

Fortunately, we have adapted well to the weather here in the past three months (still only wearing light rain jackets), which is why we planned a day around heading to the pumpkin patch this weekend.

If you read my latest post, you would know that I’ve been waiting eight years to witness autumn again and that my husband has never experienced it, so we couldn’t wait to get out to the pumpkin patch and experience it together.
We got to go with our cousins, who found a great pumpkin patch at Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm in Snohomish, which also has a hay ride, a corn maze, a corn cannon (I’ve never seen corn shot that far) a market and tons of other fun things to do.
We decided to do the corn maze before we picked our pumpkins and were feeling competitive, so of course it was boys versus girls (girls won). Then, we traversed over three pumpkin patches searching for the perfect pumpkins. 
We had such a great day and I’m looking forward to many more years of this to come!

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