Hi friends! How are you? I hope you’ve had a great summer! Now that fall has arrived, we went out to take our annual family photos in the Sonoran Desert and enjoy the weather.

Read more about how family photos and how our summer came to an end.

Wow, what a summer! We’ve taken some time away from the blog this season to focus on family time as I transitioned into a new role/promotion at work and Roselyn transitioned into the toddler stage this summer.

Rosie quickly figured out how fun it is to climb, run and play away from her parents this season, so we have honestly just been trying to keep up! We have enjoyed watching Rosie grow into a toddler and we have had so many great experiences and moments together this season, thanks to her growing curiosity and interest in the people and world around her.

We have absolutely loved getting to see the world through Rosie’s eyes and thought we would take advantage of this season we’re in by taking Rosie back to our favorite place in Phoenix: The Desert Botanical Garden (DBG). Though fall in the Sonoran Desert is different from your traditional fall experience, we love being able to hike through over 140 acres of cacti and plants at the DBG and enjoy the striking sunsets and the temperate desert.

Thank you to our friend Valerie, of Valerie Bolitho Photography, for shooting our family at the DBG again and for working through Rosie’s temperamental toddler feelings with us throughout the session!
Caitlin’s Outfit: Elle
Ryan’s Outfit: Chaps
Rosie’s Outfit: Carter’s
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