Although 2020 has not gone the way any of us expected, there has been one highlight for our family throughout this pandemic and quarantine: the arrival of our son, Benjamin.

The past three months with a three-year-old and three-month-old have flown by faster than ever before, and now that Ben has completed our family and we won’t be experiencing any more “firsts,” I’ve been more determined than ever to document this time before these days are long gone.

Our dear friend and photographer, Valerie Bolitho – who has been here for our biggest moments, from our engagement until now – offered to take our first photos as a family of four (on a socially-distanced shoot) and we couldn’t wait to have her meet our newest family member.

We may feel a bit more tired and have a few more grey hairs and wrinkles this year, but I will always cherish these photos and this time together, adjusting to being a new family of four!

Thank you so much to Valerie for always being there for our family, and for beautifully capturing this time in our lives.

Though the arrival of Benjamin during a pandemic has changed our lives in more ways than we thought possible, I am so thankful we have had this extended time together at home as a new family of four.

I know that many years from now, when coronavirus (COVID-19) is a distant memory, I will look back fondly on these photos and think about all the minutes and moments we shared together, quarantining at home, with our sweet baby and toddler.

Benjamin: Amazon Handmade

Caitlin: Amazon Fashion

Roselyn: Amazon Handmade

Ryan: Amazon Fashion

Photography: Valerie Bolitho Photography

Venue: ASU Research Park

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