Today is the first Monday of the month, but it’s already been an interesting November here in Seattle.

As soon as the month began last weekend, we were greeted by gusty winds, rain and hail that cut power to 200,000 people in the region (including our neighborhood), and left snow in the passes, which had us anticipating snowfall in Seattle.
 (We know it’s not quite time yet, but we are unbelievably excited for our first winter and to witness snow here!)

Remarkably, the weather cleared up enough for us on Sunday to have a great hike (albeit muddy) at Meadowdale Beach Park, where we admired what was left of it’s autumn colors and then watched the sunset over the Puget Sound.

Our usual path to the beach was covered by a shallow stream from the storm over the weekend which I initially thought we could cross but couldn’t (I took a few steps, then immediately sunk into the water). 
So, we found another way, and although I had soggy boots (cue my husband’s laughter), my worries were soon forgotten because the view of the sunset over the Sound was just that incredible.
We walked along the beach, took in it’s beauty and enjoyed the moment, which was even more special because we were the only ones there the entire time.
Then, we hiked back up the trail and headed home to get warm.
Be sure to stay tuned for our next adventure!
Winter is coming!
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