Last Updated: June 12, 2020

I cannot believe that we are celebrating our seven-year wedding anniversary and that I’ve been so fortunate to spend 14 years with my best friend, husband and father of my children today!

June 12, 2020 marks our date-aversary, seventh wedding anniversary and the 14 years we’ve spent together.

I am so grateful to have had him by my side and thankful for every minute and every moment I’ve shared with him since 2006 – from high school sweethearts to husband and wife and now Dad and Mom!

Here are a few photos taken by our friend and photographer, Valerie Bolitho, from our wedding day, that we like to reminisce on each year for our anniversary:

Happy Anniversary, Ryan!

It feels like both a lifetime and just a moment have passed since this day. I love you and can’t wait to see where this voyage takes us over the next seven years.

“Everything that happened, you know it don’t mean a thing to us.
‘Cause so much is going to happen. Because you showed me a sunset overflowing. But who cares where it’s going? As long as you’re next to me.” – Devendra Banhart, “Baby”

Thank you to Sandy Goldstein and Valerie Bolitho for coming together to make us feel absolutely wonderful on this day. Thanks to our venue, Shenandoah Mill in Gilbert, Arizona, as well, who was able to create the perfect environment for us and our wedding reception guests. We would not have had as memorable as a day without you!

Cosmetics: Sandy Goldstein
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