Due to the pandemic, my pregnancy, and Ryan’s weekly travels out-of-state for work this past year, we haven’t had the opportunity to align our schedules to take a vacation together since September of 2019. For a family that loves to travel, we were overdue…

That is why we were so excited when the opportunity to go to San Diego again with family presented itself this summer!

We went into this trip with no expectations, since it was our first vacation with two little ones. Though the drive from Tucson to San Diego wasn’t easy with a baby who is very vocal about how much he dislikes his car seat, we were grateful to make it and just soak up as much time at the beach as possible!

We spent seven days waking up at the beach, having breakfast and coffee, and collecting sea shells, before anyone else was awake. Then we’d put the kids down for naps, and enjoy the ocean views from the patio until the littles were ready to go again. Afterwards, we’d head right back to the beach until sundown.

It was so much fun exploring San Diego again, and experiencing La Jolla, Point Loma, and San Diego with both our little ones. We were so fortunate to make a summer’s worth of memories, with three generations in one beach house!

Until next time, San Diego.

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