This weekend, the snow leftover from Winter Storm Jonas had melted, and the Mid-Atlantic had a warm-up that was filled with beautiful sunshine and weather.

It was the perfect time for us to go on a winter weekend getaway to the countryside, where we were able to enjoy a farmer’s market, hike and wine tasting.

We had a great time first perusing through the market at Soergel Orchards, located at the Soergel family farm, that also featured a bakery and deli that we sampled from. It was difficult to decide what we wanted to bring home, as their country store featured everything from apple bushels and cider to local honey and jams, produce, sauces and spices. We ultimately went with the cider and honey, but will definitely go back soon for more!

We then wandered off to the North Fork of Pine Creek, where we enjoyed a hike along the river.

Details: 1. Floppy Hat: Target | 2. Black Cardigan: Loft   | 3. Mesh Watch: Skagen  | 4. Classic Denim: Gap  | 5. Belt: Ann Taylor

We were surprised to find that most of the river was still frozen over, but had an enjoyable time nonetheless! We even spotted a herd of deer on the hike, though I wasn’t quick enough to capture a photo.

Finally, we enjoyed a tasting at the Arsenal Ciderhouse and Wine Cellar, which is the perfect place to visit if you’re like me and love all things cider. They have every flavor and variety of hard cider you can think of – from dry to sweet and flavors like apple, raspberry and rhubarb – that are all delicious! We enjoyed a few samples before deciding on taking home a growler of the rhubarb cider.

Glass: Mad Men Mixology: Waterford

All in all, it was a great winter weekend getaway that has us looking forward to getting out more again this spring when the weather allows it.

What is your favorite winter weekend escape or getaway? Share with me in the comments below or on my Facebook or Instagram!

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