Since we’ve been living in Pittsburgh, we have been planning weekend trips to places in the Mid-Atlantic that we’ve always wanted to see that are now just a drive away.

We had the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. this summer and are planning to see Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia within the year – but before we begin taking road trips further east we had to make a trip north to The Great Lakes!

This week, we headed to Presque Isle State Park which arches into Lake Erie, the fourth largest Great Lake. Though Presque Isle is close to home – less than a two hour drive – it feels like a world away, and is filled with beautiful sandy beaches and coastline.
Olive, a true Pacific Northwest pup, was so excited to stretch her legs on the beach when we arrived, and couldn’t wait to get her paws wet in the lake before going to play fetch with her dad on the beach.

I had a great time documenting our visit to Presque Isle and Lake Erie with my new Canon Camera lens: the EF 85mm f/1.8 USM.
This fixed lens has quickly become my favorite, because it has the ability to create incredible photojournalistic images with a sharp focus and background blur! It is the perfect portrait photography lens and I can’t wait to continue shooting to see what else I can produce with it.

After we had spent the morning exploring the isle, a storm blew in off Lake Erie with hard rain and wind, so it was time for us to call it a day. 
We would like to visit Erie again soon, but have heard how the lake freezes and how cold the winters are there, so we may wait until summer comes around again before we make our next trip.
Stay tuned for our next voyage!
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