Happy spring! It has been a beautiful season in Arizona this year, filled with cacti blooms, 80-degree days (we have yet to hit 100!), and lots of outdoor hiking in Saguaro National Park.

It has also been a bittersweet season of growth here at home, as Roselyn recently turned four, and Benjamin is quickly approaching his first birthday in June! I can’t believe we’re parents to a pre-schooler and soon-to-be toddler.

So, to celebrate this season, we connected with a new friend, Kristi, of Kristi Harris Photography, who took these family photos to preserve our first spring in Tucson, amidst the saguaros.

We had an incredible time shooting these photos with Kristi at Saguaro National Park and are looking forward to meeting with her again soon!

You can never take enough photos of these moments with your children. Both Benjamin and Roselyn are growing so fast – right before our eyes – and it’s important to us that we have a few photos of ourselves in pictures with our little ones, too!

Thank you to our new friend Kristi, for capturing memories of this season for us so wonderfully.

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