When was the last time you took a field trip?

Niantic Labs project at Google, “Field Trip” has shown us what to explore in our neighborhood and allowed us to learn more about our city faster than we ever have in a new place before. (Which is why I’m so excited to share it with you today!)

Field Trip, whose motto is: “It’s your world, explore it,” is a mobile app that runs in the background of your smartphone, that shares points of interest and places to visit near you.

It has been a life and time saver for us as we get to know Pittsburgh, and the best thing about it is that it is so intuitive and user-friendly.

After downloading Field Trip from Android’s Google Play Store or the iOS App Store and opening the app, it will use your location to bring up a Google Map of highlighted places for you to visit nearest you – and it allows you to choose places from categories like “Cool and Unique,” “Food, Drinks and Fun” and “Art and Museums.”

Here are some of the places we’ve had the opportunity to explore and learn more about in Pittsburgh:

As you can see, I personally enjoy using Field Trip to learn as much as I can about our local history, and have become slightly addicted to pulling out my Android to see which cards come up while we’re traveling around Pittsburgh.

If you are a fellow #Fieldtripper, I’d love to connect with you to hear what you’ve come across while exploring…

If you aren’t, but are interested, have a conversation with me on my new Facebook page or on Instagram!

I’m looking forward to hearing about the places you will go with Field Trip!

PC: Niantic Labs/Field Trip

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