It seems like you all (yinz?) are enjoying following along with us as we explore Pittsburgh, so welcome to The Beginner’s Guide to Pittsburgh | Part 3!
(You can find The Beginner’s Guide to Pittsburgh and The Beginner’s Guide to Pittsburgh | Part 2 here).

We are so glad to be able to share these experiences with you!
This time, we’re covering Oakland: the academic and cultural center of Pittsburgh.
Go: Oakland

Instantly one of our favorite neighborhoods, Oakland is one of the oldest centers of the city that perfectly combines history with class.
The neighborhood is known as the place to be for anything cultural, academic or medical – it is the home to world-class Carnegie Museums, prestigious universities like Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh, and some of the best hospitals in the U.S.
The intersection of all these interests makes Oakland one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Pittsburgh: you can enjoy any of the international eateries near the universities, visit the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, then take a stroll through any of Oakland’s parks and gardens in one day.
See: The University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is one of the most beautiful campuses that I’ve had the opportunity to visit. It’s architecture is stunning! Particularly that of the Cathedral of Learning, a university landmark.
The cathedral is a Gothic Revival skyscraper – built in the 1900’s –  that is home to university colleges, the Nationality Rooms and our personal favorite: The Cathedral Commons Room, which, my fellow Harry Potter fans, will make you feel like you stepped right into Hogwarts. 
I wish my photos did it justice!
Eat: Asia Tea House

There are so many incredible restaurants to dine at in Oakland, but we picked the Asia Tea House for one reason: it’s great location.
Less than a half mile from the Cathedral of Learning, it is a perfect place to sit out in the sun and take in the scenery, and it serves a great bubble tea!

We are looking forward to continuing to explore Pittsburgh and are planning to venture out of the city this weekend to take advantage of the holiday weekend.
Have any suggestions about what we should visit next?

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