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Pittsburgh is an incredible place to call home.

Making the move to the City of Bridges has been so rewarding, and we have had many great experiences here – so we wanted to create a Beginner’s Guide to Pittsburgh that would give you the opportunity to share these experiences with us.

I will include places to go, places to see and places to eat in this guide, and look forward to updating it as we continue to explore the city.

Thank you for following along with us!

Go: The North Shore

Running along the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers, Pittsburgh’s North Shore neighborhood has the best views of Downtown.

It is home to PNC Park, Heinz Field, the Carnegie Science Center, the Andy Warhol Museum and many more…

The North Shore also features a path along the riverfront, which is the perfect place to stop and have a picnic and take in great views of the city.

See: PNC Park


As a baseball fan and traveler, I’ve had the opportunity to visit many major league ballparks across the U.S., and the Pittsburgh Pirates’ PNC Park is one of my favorites.

It is one of the most beautiful ballparks I’ve ever seen, designed in a classic, open-air style that can only be compared to that of Wrigley Field or Fenway Park. It is also one of baseball’s smallest parks, meaning everyone has a great seat to the game.

Only 450 feet from home plate to the Allegheny River, the best part about PNC Park has to be the view. Situated along the riverfront across from Downtown, the grandstand offers the best sights of the city skyline. Whether you are a Pirates fan or not, you will leave a fan of the park (I did)!

Eat: Primanti Bros.

Primanti Bros. is a Pittsburgh tradition. With more than 15 locations across the city, including one in PNC Park, it’s easy to find and eat a delicious Primanti Bros. sandwich anywhere in Pittsburgh.

Created in the 1930s and beloved by all ever since, a Primanti Bros. sandwich features fresh Italian bread, tomatoes, house-made cole slaw, fresh cut fries, a meat of your choice and Provolone cheese – creating the ultimate sandwich.

Although I wouldn’t recommend having one every day because it might interfere with your long-term health, it is definitely a must-have when you’re visiting the city.

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