Having been in the Northwest close to a month now, Ryan and I agree that living near The Puget Sound shoreline has been one of the best decisions we have made thus far in Washington. Most days, we can wake up and smell the salt in the air, but our favorite part of the day is when the sun is shining and we get to drive home and see glimpses of the Sound through the evergreen trees.

Needless to say, when Ryan and I have a morning or afternoon off, it’s almost guaranteed that we will be somewhere at the Sound, hiking or having a beach day together. Labor Day was no different.

Thus far, we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the beaches from Seattle to Edmonds, so we thought we would go to a beach a bit further north over the Labor Day holiday. 
We found ourselves at the Lighthouse Park in Mukilteo (that we now know how to pronounce correctly), which did not disappoint.
Upon arrival, we immediately noticed how sandy the beach was compared to some of the rockier beaches we had hiked.

We loved the shoreline walkway which allowed us see the whole area in a short period of time.

I loved taking photo of wildflowers growing along the beach and the ferries in the Sound, and was lucky enough to capture a shot of Mt. Rainier, which is always exciting to us (and seemingly to most Seattleites), as it only appeared from behind the clouds 83 times out of 366 days in the year last year.
All in all, we had a great Labor Day relaxing at the Lighthouse Park and can’t wait to go back to cookout and use the fire pits at the beach!
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