We made a commitment nine months ago, when we moved to the Northwest, that we would try to experience something new or travel to a new part of the state every month. So far, we’ve had a great time exploring the region, and have checked off almost everything on our “Seattle Roadtrip Wish List.” So, this weekend we decided to revisit the Washington coast!

We hadn’t been on an adventure since we started driving our new Honda Fit, and it’s been almost five months since we found ourselves among the waves of the Pacific. So, when we decided to head out on another spontaneous road trip over this long weekend, it wasn’t surprising that we both settled on wanting to visit the ocean.

It was a beautiful day in Seattle when we left, but as we made our way down the I-5, we began to approach more storm clouds, and soon realized we’d be spending a rainy day at the beach.

We arrived in Ocean Shores, Washington in the early afternoon, and had about 10 minutes to stretch our legs, put Olive in her harness, and hike to the beach before a storm swept in. By the time we had been there 15 minutes, we were soaked. Right through our raincoats and even through my rubber rain boots.

Although everyone else ran to their cars to escape the storm, we had come so far and decided we weren’t turning back. Once I verified that the rain wasn’t leaking through my camera bag, we continued on, because we both believe the beach makes everything better. Even rain!

We had a wonderful time walking along the shore, feeling the cool raindrops, listening to the ferocity of the ocean and picking up stones, while Olive played with the sticks on the beach and ran along the water.

All in all, we had a fantastic time there and enjoyed being the only ones on the beach that day. I wish I had more photos to share, but, I’m sure you understand!

With summer sun on the way to Washington we’re planning on visiting Ocean Shores again, and I’m looking forward to sharing more of it’s beauty with you soon.

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