After moving 15+ times and living in five states over the past decade, we are excited to announce that we are officially home!

Learn more about how we found a new city, community and house in 2020.

When Ryan and I were dating and moving into an apartment together for the first time in 2011, we often talked about how it was difficult to see ourselves as homeowners, as I was a military brat who grew accustomed to moving frequently and he shared the same sentiment.

What we didn’t know, was that 10 years later, we’d have a dog and two little ones complete our family and be eager to settle down in a home we could all grow into together.

There’s No Place Like Home

Just before coronavirus (COVID-19) arrived in our state, we started our search for a new house. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the pandemic, we were unable to find anything in the neighborhood or price point we wanted.

Months into the pandemic and our search, and soon after the arrival of Benjamin, we received notification that COVID-19 would be impacting Ryan’s role at work, so Ryan began interviewing for new opportunities in his field. A very promising engineering opportunity presented itself to him, but he’d need to permanently move 100+ miles to Tucson to take the role – and since we didn’t plan on living away from each other with a then 3-year-old and 3-month-old, we’d need to relocate as well.

Ryan accepted the opportunity and started his training in Tucson immediately, and simultaneously, I began researching houses, neighborhoods and school districts while still living with the little ones in Phoenix. Thankfully, we found an incredible real estate agent to work with, who found us our dream home in Tucson within the month! The home checked off all of our boxes and was situated in a great new neighborhood, that was also within one of the top school districts in the state of Arizona. It was located minutes away from The Loop and Saguaro National Park, so we could also do all the biking, hiking and running we wanted.

We immediately put in an offer over a weekend, but since it was our first and we knew others were being put in above-asking price, we tried not to get our hopes up. We found out that Monday, by some miracle, that our offer was accepted! We were surprised and thrilled, at least until the reality of me spending three months packing and working in Phoenix alone with the little ones while we waited for the house to close, set in. 😅

Slowly but surely, the days passed by and we were within weeks of closing on our new house. Unfortunately, life had other plans for us before that time. Soon after visiting us, Ryan went to work to find that he had been exposed to COVID through one of his co-workers the previous week. He immediately began isolating and soon thereafter, he began feeling off, and the results confirmed it: he had COVID. As his symptoms worsened and he continued isolating, the little ones and I went to take rapid tests as well. Our tests came back negative, but within 10 days, I lost my sense of smell and taste, so I went to take a second rapid test, which then came back positive.

We had two rough weeks, where Ryan had trouble catching his breath and was unable to stand up without having a coughing fit. Thankfully, he was able to be seen by a doctor who prescribed him an inhaler and steroids, after an x-ray had shown he had one of the tell-tale signs of COVID: spots on his lungs. This treatment helped him significantly, and with the help of my family, who drove and flew in to help us finish packing the few remaining boxes and to drive the moving truck, we were ready to move and recover in our just-closed-on home.

The last three months since that time have been filled with lots of painting and unpacking, setting up and relaxing. We are now at the point where we’re feeling more comfortable, having established a new community and new routines, and we say every day how happy we are to be here.

We miss being in the same neighborhood as our family and friends, but we are grateful to have much more space here, and for the new opportunities we’ve had to explore. The kids have very much loved getting out on the trails and experiencing all the new sights and sounds of the desert!

There’s truly no place like home.

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