Okay, we know that it’s impossible to see Washington D.C. in a day, but a daytrip can be rewarding if you are like us and are looking to make the most of a first-time visit to the nation’s capital.
Interested in an itinerary for a one day tour? Follow my suggestion: Take a stroll down the National Mall, where you will have the opportunity to see most of Washington’s monuments and museums.
We were lucky in that we were able to visit D.C. with family who knew the Metro line down to the Mall and were able to guide us there from Union Station (which is a route I would recommend, to avoid traffic and congestion). Once you arrive at the Mall, there is so much to see and do that it’s up to you to choose where you want to explore! 
We chose to walk the Mall – from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial – to see as many memorial parks as we could in a day, and we had an incredible time doing so.
The photos below are from our day in Washington, and include pictures of:
We hope to visit D.C. again soon, to do some more exploring. 
Do you have any thoughts about what we should visit next? 
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