Hi there. It’s been awhile!

We’ve had such a busy November here in the Northwest that I haven’t had time to blog much this month… but we have exciting news to share with you today. (A little more about that later!)

Seattle temperatures continue to drop here in the Northwest and the autumn colors are beginning to fade, being replaced by more silver clouds, fog and rain – November has arrived! Although this is the time of year that I want to skip to get straight to the holiday season, my husband swears that this is when the Northwest is best.

So, I’m trying to give November a chance and capture it in all it’s beauty this season. Hope you enjoy this snapshot of our November!

Are you still here for our big news? Well, we’re excited to share that Ryan’s accepted a position with the University of Washington and will be starting work there after the holidays!
The university is working on so many great things and we’re very excited for what Ryan’s future there, both professionally and academically, will bring us.
If any UW alumni are reading this, please share the top 5 things that you think we should know about the university, below!
We’re looking forward to reading your stories.
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